The world today in 21st century has shrunk into a global village due to innovative science & technology. The society is changing fast and has great expectations from us. India lives in India’s different institutions, organizations and by strengthen them we can strengthen India. Man makes science/society and university makes perfect man. India is spiritual nation. Our mission of life is to work for education/students/society leading to universal developments in all respects materialistic and spiritual. Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University is established in Jaunpur district (U.P.). It has remained great witness of our Indian culture heritages situated on the bank of River Gomti and Taposthali of Maharshi Yamdagni. This district is well known for great administrators, freedom fighters, scientists, artists, political leaders, spiritual and social leaders, sportsman and creative writers. For the purpose the university offers different important courses Ph.D. programs, Integrated LL.B., M.B.A., M.Sc., B. Tech. etc. in the departments like Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Computer Science, Mass Communication, Management studies, all the engineering departments in the campus. Recently we are going to introduce Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Institute for studies of social sciences and research based on “Ekatma Manavavad Philosophical concept” comprising P.G. courses in different departments like History, Geography, Politics, Defense Studies and Internal Security. Indian Classical Music, Journalism & Multimedia, Sanskrit, Hindi. Also we are going to establish Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) Institute for basic sciences and research and Ashok Singhal Institute for traditional Indian sciences and Research (Satellite campus of the University). We are committed to establish centre for Nanoscience and Technology, Biomedical research centre, Centre for Health Care and emerging departments like Acoustical Engg., Food Technology & Processing, Material Science directly connected to the society and Engineering. We promote post doctoral research introducing university Post Doctoral Fellowship. To make innovative India, we have developed the mechanism to link the different industries as ONGC, Monet Ispat Energy Limited etc. with the University for Integration of knowledge with the money generation within the University campus. The University has training and placement centre, N.S.S. scheme for overall development of the students. We have a long list of visiting faculty stalwarts of Science, Technology, industry, literature, Yoga, Law, Sports, Music to inspire and promote our students As a Vice-Chancellor my contribution will be to facilitate the faculty, students and other supporting staff to work hard with innovation to provide leaders in every field for the developments of our country and the world. I hereby invite the new students/faculty in innovative academic progress. I wish all of them a bright, meaningful and successful future.